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Meet the Horses


Paul Newman

Paul Newman is a pure Belgian Draft Horse. He enjoys copious amounts of attention and treats. He is ten years old and has been doing tours of Beaufort for several years. Before applying for the position at Southurn Rose, Newman was a plow horse for the Amish in Sugarcreek, Ohio. He has found that he enjoys a nice coastal southern breeze and the scenic views of the marshes. He loves to plunder Spanish Moss on tour. It is always a fun time riding with Newman.


Rockey grew up on a small tobacco farm in North Carolina before joining our family. He loves treats more than any other horse.. He loves apples, carrots, Popsicles, and potato chips. His very favorite treat in the entire world is butterscotch candy. He is a 15 year old Percheron. Rocky stands 17.3 hands high, and weighs 1800 pounds. His favorite pastime is to wallow in mud puddles.


Known for his dashing good looks and charming demeanor, Jake has been pulling carriages in Beaufort for many years now and loves his job. He previously worked for the Amish up in Ohio. He loves meeting new people, perusing new sites, and long forays in the pasture. He loves carrots, apples, and pretzels. He is fourteen years old, 17.3 hands high and weighs a little over 1800 pounds. He is a Percheron. Jake’s voice can often be heard through out town as he likes to talk to other horses, people, and sometimes traffic.

The Cisco Kid

Known to his friends as Cisco, he is a Belgian Draft Horse with a dash of Shire. His Shire comes out in his feathery ankles and crinkly mane. Cisco is 15 years old, 19.2 hands high, and weighs 2200 pounds. He has been a carriage horse for the past six years. Before his relocation to Beaufort, Cisco worked for the Amish in Ohio. He is most famous for his slobbery kisses.  Cisco is our cancer survivor. He had cancer of the third eye lid and had to have the eye removed to prevent recurrences but is now one full year free of cancer.  He has never dwelled on his brush with cancer, instead he has moved on and is enjoying life as a member of the Southurn Rose Family.


Jim is the newest member of the Southurn Rose Crew. He is eight years old and enjoys taking his tours at a leisurely pace. He is a Spotted Draft Horse, which is a mix between a Paint Stallion and a Percheron mare. Jim is a third generation of this breed, and he is huge. He weighs 2200 pounds. Despite his size he is very gentle and an expert at taking treats right from your hand. He has a very throaty whiny and loves having long conversations with Jake while walking the streets of Beaufort.

Butch Cassidy

Butch Cassidy is a Belgian Draft Horse with just a splash of Clydesdale thrown in for good measure. He is 20 years old.Butch is 17.2 hands high and weighs about 2000 pounds. Prior to working for Southurn Rose Buggy Tours, Butch worked for the Amish up in Ohio. He finds pulling carriages to be a mite bit easier. Butch loves to sniff and kiss children. He loves to eat potato chips, Lifesavers candy, pretzels, apples, and carrots. His favorite cereal is Honey Bunches of Oats. In the summer he enjoys popsicles and occasionally a vanilla ice cream. And he absolutely adores having his neck rubbed. Butch is retired. He now lives a life of leisure out in the pasture.


Duke is one of the biggest horses on the east coast. He is 19.3 and 3 quarter hands high. He weighs 2600 pounds. Duke is pure Belgian Draft Horse.

Prior to Beaufort, Duke pulled canal boats up river for guided tours of Roscoe Village in Ohio. Duke is famous at the waterfront for his size and his playful nature. He loves to give kisses and play in the water trough.  He likes potato chips, apples, carrots, popsicles, any grain based cereal, pretzels, and the occasional vanilla ice cream. He loves having a good scratch. Duke enjoys riding in the pasture where he can graze in between romps. Duke is retired. He now lives a life of leisure out in the pasture.


Gilbert is pure Belgian Draft Horse.  He is 17.3 hands high and weighs about 2000 pounds. Prior to being a carriage horse, Gilbert worked for the Amish in Ohio. He finds pulling the carriage to be easy in comparison. Gilbert enjoys popsicle carrots, apples, Lifesavers, pretzels, and potato chips. He enjoys popsicles in the summer. Gilbert is known for his steady pace on tours and his ability to do the tour backwards with his eyes closed. Gilby is retired and now live a life of leisure out in the pasture. He enjoys sending the younger boys off to work for the day.


Luke is a Spotted Draft, which is a mixture of a Painted Stallion and a Percheron Mare. He is second generation. His beautiful black coat gives way to white skin. He is 18 hands high, and weighs 1800 pounds. Prior to relocating, Luke was an Amish workhorse. He finds joy in smelling the roses and taking his time to assuage his curiosities. He enjoys candy, pretzels, apples and carrots. He loves dozing off by the river. In this picture he is second to last. Luke is now retired and enjoys his time out on the pasture as companion to the older horses.

Sir William

His friends call him Bobby. He is a 30 year old Belgian Draft horse. He is fully retired. Bobby enjoys his days at pasture. He offers the younger horses his sage advice over mouthfuls of hay. Occasionally he will accompany the owner of Southurn Rose into town without a carriage just to take in the sites.